January 13, 2018-Releases  "Black & Red " EP to the public then performs at BFE Rock Club in Houston, TX and now getting ready for an upcoming summer tour beginning May 31st starting with a few shows in Texas then to Colorado, New Mexico, Louisiana, and ending the tour back in Texas to help promote the newly released EP.



August 14, 2017-Interview with DropTune Houston featuring Kat Freeman of Para Bellum and Vali Rinehart from Black Market Tragedy.



July 11, 2017- Go Venue Magazine covered Para Bellum’s performance at Acadia and gave rave reviews.



April 13, 2017-Professional Promo Video featuring local bands, including Para Bellum, that the artist wanted to highlight around the Houston area.



April 23, 2016-Para Bellum performs “Black and Red” Live on 90.1 FM